The inspiration

Bespoke garden villas in western Pune

The natural landscape at Songbirds Estate has evolved over the ages. To have our homes built on it amidst neatly manicured swathes of green would have been completely unnatural. The design approach was to go with the flow of the ground. We took inspiration from the paddy fields of Bali and created a beautiful layered structure that became a part of the natural topography rather than it standing out. So you get these wonderful homes perched one above the other, with breathtaking views you will never get tired of.

- Amit Ghate, Architect, The Songbirds Estate

Blend rather than build

Songbirds Estate has been blessed with a unique natural surrounding. A hill, a valley, a forest and lakes with a rich tree and green cover, make it a designers dream. We decided to keep the natural surroundings untouched and blend in with Mother Nature. Designing was demanding in every respect. We questioned every minute aspect until the most exceptional expression of our idea emerged in front of us. Exceptional because we felt it had to elevate the beauty of this stunning landscape many times over. Only when the synergy between our vision and the natural landscape was complete, did we feel that we had achieved our goal. We can say with absolute humility, that Songbirds Estate is a refreshing new take on building a community that actually blends in its natural surroundings.


Laying it out

The architectural philosophy was inspired by the natural topography. Plans were built around the landscape to ensure minimum cutting or filling. The resulting design is a work of art, blending nature, architecture and modern luxury. A rare combination!

Natural Steps

The site has a beautiful contour made of natural steps, which became the core element on which we built our concept of The Songbirds Estate.

Easy access to every villa

Even the charming streets were conceived around this very contour while granting easy access to every villa at the same time.

Natural landscape

The end result is a consciously and thoughtfully designed villa community set amidst the natural landscape, with villas placed on different levels which ensure complete privacy.


Using the flow of the ground, we placed the villas on different levels along with meandering roads that make a staggered pattern, resulting in complete privacy. This creates a truly private haven in the midst of nature!

Meandering Sreets

These charmingly designed meandering streets place the villas in a staggered pattern and on different levels ensuring complete privacy.

Distance Between Villas

Lush greenscapes and a one way street ensure maximum distance between villas.



The future development plan involves plantation of
500 native plants species.

The dense plantation will be a natural habitat for a variety of
bird species and ensure complete privacy amidst nature.