I am The Songbirds Estate Garden

I am at the heart of every home in the Songbirds Estate. I am an integral part of your home, your life and your lifestyle. I bring life to every room and keep you connected to the earth at every level.

I am the stage for you to laugh, love and be joyous together as a family.

I am where the children run carefree, climb trees or learn to swing and cycle. I am where you spend every morning with your loved ones, enjoying a cup of tea together. I am where you have a meal together with friends and family under the stars or just spend a lazy afternoon on the hammock reading a book under the shade of the mango tree.

Come let me show you my home.

This is where
nature meets architecture

The gardens at Songbirds are an extension of the greens it is nestled amidst. The rolling hills, the terraced slopes and the many trees are the inspiration for every home at the Songbirds Estate Garden. Every home stays connected at every level to nature and the greens. Open spaces, abundant sunlight and the cool winds ensure nature resides inside your home.

Entrance Court Garden

The Arrival Garden

Nature’s magic is weaved right from the first step itself. A cobbled landscaped foyer at the entrance leading into a flowerbed of your choice sets a beautiful tone for what’s to follow. The grass pavers and the pergola with seating can be the perfect setting for an evening watching the sun set or maybe just silently enjoying the sight of your children playing outside.

Day Dream

Living Attached Garden

Consider the Daydream garden as a natural extension of your living room, which serves a great platform to enjoy meals with friends and family on a winter afternoon or a summer night. If you so desire, you can have a nice barbecue pit in the corner where you can sprinkle fresh herbs (picked straight from the garden) on your culinary creations. With multiple bespoke options, our gardens can present everyone a place to be themselves. Tall trees of your choice will line the garden periphery, giving you a nice green cover of privacy.

Private Pool & Deck

Living Attached Garden

Our expert partners can help you design a bespoke plunge pool or a Jacuzzi with a lounge deck. And with our customized outdoor kitchen solutions, you can make those Sunday brunches a hit with your crowd.

Courtyard Style

Flower Beds

A nice cosy space on the mid level, the courtyard garden can serve as an intimate place for your entire family to bond over tea, laughter and conversations. The garden and the deck are connected to the family room and the bedrooms, with the fragrance from the flower beds refreshing your senses every single time. They overlook the garden below, allowing you to enjoy the view without feeling isolated from all the action.

Moon Lit Garden

The Upper Terrace

Nights are for unwinding while calmly reacting on the day gone by. And there is no better place to do that than the Moonlit Garden on the upper deck. Enjoy the moonlight, the gentle breeze from the swaying of the trees with the stars and your loved ones for company. Our experts will mix and match your likes with the open-to-sky garden to design this space exactly the way you want it.

Bespoke Choices

Get mesmerized by the moonlight and unwind with the gentle sway of the trees and the cool breeze under a starry night. The moonlit gardens on the upper deck are an apt place to lounge with your loved ones, favourite music and a cup of coffee. Bespoke options allow you to mix and match your likes with the open to sky garden.

Awaken the gardener within you.

Plants and flowers are beautiful to look at and calming to spend time with. Especially when you get to choose each and every seed that gets planted in your gardens. Together with experts from Oikos, you can select from a vast collection of ferns and succulents to bring bespoke greenery to your piece of paradise.

Some Recommendations

Aromatic & Flower Plants

Choose your favourite flowers. Be it the colors, the aroma or just the memories they bring. Plant them in your garden and let them bloom.

Fruit Trees

Each tree has a story to tell. Be it the taste of the fruit they bear or just the sheer thrill of climbing them, fruits and trees are an inseparable part of our childhood memories. Relive them by planting your favourite fruits.

Medicinal Plants

Be it the bitterness of Neem or the many benefits of tulsi, medicinal plants have always been a part of every home in India. Now plant your own home remedies in your backyard.

Kitchen Plants

The citrus flavored lemongrass or the evergreen kadipatta are a must have in every kitchen.